the energetics business coach here to help you              your income + impact while working        .

hi, i’m kim.

I’ll guide you to design a life and business so aligned that success comes naturally and you don’t have to compromise on enjoying your life.

Just imagine how good it will feel to step away from your laptop, have time for new experiences, and spend quality time with loved ones—all without stressing about your business because it’s now sustainable.

It’s time for an energy transformation.

You need to implement the most powerful currency in the world that transcends all limitations. I’m not talking about dollar bills - I’m talking about energy. 

don’t need 

The truth is, you                     another strategy 
or tactic.

It’s actually the exact opposite.

Hint: It’s not working around the clock, burning yourself out, or implementing unaligned strategies because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do.


It’s time to rewrite the paradigm around what’s required to be a highly                    business owner.

It’s time to rewrite the paradigm around what’s required to be a highly                      business



I’m here to show you that you can               more people, make more money, and effort        by mastering energetic principles.

To deeply understand and integrate business energetics™ so you can create the income and lifestyle you desire without sacrificing your wellbeing and freedom. 

I knew if I wanted to create massive impact, then something had to change. 

That’s when I turned to energy and alignment - to completely reroute my business. I pulled back the curtain on every aspect of my business and took an honest look at why I was doing what I was doing. 

Because of this shift, I’ve grown a multiple 6-figure business on my own terms by leveraging energy.

And I want to help you do the same. 

It wasn’t long ago that I found myself overcomplicating my business and working way more than I wanted to. I was holding myself back from that next level growth because I didn’t know how to scale without doing MORE.

I’m Kim, the energetics business coach for entrepreneurs.

Ready to dive into the world of energetics, intuition, and mindset that will change your business + life forever? This is the place to start dipping your toes in.

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Practically apply energetics to your business and feel seen, recognized, and fully supported as you calibrate to your next level identity and accelerate the growth of your business.

work with me.

 The Mind Your Vibe® podcast is for entrepreneurs who want to master energetics and create an epically aligned business by tapping into the power of energy and vibration.

mind your vibe® podcast.

Here’s how I can help you step into alignment with your business. 

It’s my desire for you to feel expansive, at ease, lit up, and to remember what it’s like to be totally in love with your business.


With Kim’s support, I’m getting results I seriously never imagined were possible only a few months ago. Not only did I hit my business goals, but I far surpassed them - during a pandemic! I am creating money in the easiest possible way.
I’m so much happier; I have more time to spend with my daughter, more time to myself, and the freedom to do things outside of my business. I’ve been able to create jobs and opportunities for other people and give back to my favorite charities. I feel like my success is creating a positive ripple effect in the world. The more I receive, the more people I can help. I am truly living the life and I’m so grateful!

“I tripled my income while working half as much!"

- denise massey

She helped me see paths, ideas, and creative solutions in my business that I didn’t see before. After each coaching call I felt really inspired and clear on what I needed to do to move the needle in my business and get results. I felt excited, renewed, and energized.

The results I received from coaching with Kim are priceless. Not only am I able to hold a powerful vision for my client’s growth, I also 3x my income. She helped me work through a lot of fears that were blocking me from receiving abundance and really knowing my true worth. If you are considering working with Kim, my answer is 1000% yes. This will be one of the best decisions that you’ve ever made!

"Every time Kim and I spoke, I felt like a light bulb was clicked on."

I’ll tell you straight up… you don’t “need” me (or anyone else) to be successful. You’re smart and highly capable. I’m here to see you, recognize you, and support you as we collapse timelines and step into quantum expansion. 

I won’t teach you more strategy (let’s be real, you already know enough strategy to last for years). We take the deeper, energetic approach where I help you connect to your intuition so you can implement the strategy of least resistance and highest impact.

I won’t give you a formula, blueprint, or cookie-cutter approach. I help you be more YOU. Spoiler alert: we’re energetic beings with a unique blueprint and what works for that girl you follow on Instagram won’t necessarily work for you. It’s time to do business your way and get paid for being you.

I’m not here to tell you what to do. Only YOU know what’s best for you. I’ll help you figure that out.

I don’t follow the “rules” of the online business world. Who created those anyway!? Ditch the rule book, you get to make the rules!

You should know, I’m not your "typical" business coach…

Am I the guide for you?


the mind your vibe podcast.

The Mind Your Vibe® podcast is for entrepreneurs who want to master energetics and create an epically aligned business by tapping into the power of energy and vibration. Learn how to amplify your magnetism and create deep resonance with your people to create ease and overflow in your life and business.


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