The Mind Your Vibe® podcast is for entrepreneurs who want to master energetics and create an epically aligned business by tapping into the power of energy and vibration. Learn how to amplify your magnetism and create deep resonance with your people to create ease and overflow in your life and business. Join your host, Kim Khunaraksa, energetics business coach, as she and her guests explore how the conscious energy behind each and every action will transform your business operations and outcomes.

Welcome to the 
Mind Your Vibe® Podcast.

Welcome to the 
Mind Your Vibe® Podcast.


Tune in to the podcast to learn how to amplify your magnetism and create ease and overflow in your life and business. 

It’s when I had my biggest breakthroughs, a 60k sales week, a 110k launch, and catapulted my growth. I firmly believe that tapping into the power of energy and vibration is necessary to hit the next level without overworking yourself. 

Now, I help business owners like YOU master Business Energetics™ so you can create the income and lifestyle you desire without sacrificing your wellbeing and freedom.

It wasn’t long ago, I found myself not only working a ton but also overcomplicating my business and holding myself back from growth because I didn’t want to work more. I knew if I wanted to create massive impact, then something had to change. That's when I started listening to my own intuition and ignoring the business “gurus.” 

Energetics business coach + host of The Mind Your Vibe® podcast.

meet your host, kim.


Kim is able to take concepts that seem intimidating and out of reach, and break them down into obtainable and manageable steps. She is encouraging, realistic and intentional. Love listening to this podcast and seeing the difference these concepts have made for me. It’s been life changing 💕

life changing.

kaay_laam | Canada


I LOVE this podcast and I can’t stop recommending it to all of my friends! Kim is so easy to listen to and I always get excited when there’s a new episode. I love how Kim’s content feels so natural and relatable and easy to listen to, yet so insightful and powerful! It is so fun to listen to yet her content can really make a difference. It has for me!

Insightful, Relatable, and Powerful!

Joanne L Donovan | USA


This podcast is one that I look forward to every week. Kim’s communication style is clear and easy to follow. Every week I resonate with her message and she has majorly helped me grow in my mindset and manifestation journey!

My favorite!

emstone21 | USA 


Kim has an amazing gift of being able to break down complex manifestation concepts into easy to digest chunks of information. Every episode is filled with takeaways you can immediately apply to your everyday. Her pace and enthusiastic personality leaves you feeling empowered and capable of transforming your life.


@everydayritualist | USA


I heard about this podcast from a friend and I can honestly say I am so thankful I gave it a listen. Kim has an excellent way of keeping the listener engaged and does a fantastic job of explaining the content. I’ve listened to her podcast for about 6 months now and I can already tell a difference in my perspective on life. She has opened my eyes, ears, mind, soul and senses to all the possibilities the universe has to offer me.

The best podcast for manifestations, affirmations and positive vibes✨🙏🏼

@Maria Gruccio | USA


I have been listening to Kim for almost a month and she has been a part of my morning ritual ever since. She just communicates each topic with ease, making it relatable and easy to process. I always have an ‘Aha’ moment every episode and her advice has truly helped me live my life better even during these times when we are in lockdown. Listen to an episode or two, I’m sure it will change you.

A Great Morning Habit.

@JvanBrakel | Philippines






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