A 6-month mentorship for entrepreneurs ready to master the energetics of their business.

And being highly compensated for your work

Making a profound impact

Living a balanced life


You deeply desire to be an authentic thought leader in the online space.

And that makes you feel frustrated and wondering why you haven’t figured it out yet like everyone else seemingly has.

You don’t know how to double your income + impact without working twice as hard. 

But lately, you’ve realized the underlying problem holding you back 
from leveling up and achieving this, is that…

And you’re more than ready to scale your business to new heights 
so you can support even more people.

A vision to serve.

You’ve got big dreams.

But you feel like you’re on the cusp of burning out if you continue on this path.

You’re as disciplined as they come.  

You’re not afraid of working hard. 


I feel like there’s too many moving parts and something needs to shift.

I feel like this should be more fun.

I feel like this should be easier.

And you can’t help but think to yourself:

If your business was a puzzle - you’ve got all the corners and borders in place. 

But the inside is still pretty chaotic leaving you trying to figure out what pieces go where.

People praise how amazing you’re doing and they see you achieving massive success (because you are), but inside you feel like you’re barely holding it all together.

You know business strategy is essential and you’re confident in yours, but mastering strategy alone has left you at a plateau feeling tired and ultimately uninspired. 

But instead of mid-day yoga classes, nature walks, and weekend getaways, you’re constantly checking your phone, lost in a sea of Google docs, and barely have enough time to run to the bathroom between back to back Zoom calls.

And the ability to do what you want - when you want. 

More choice.

You want more time. 

You want to make a difference.

And life lived on YOUR terms




Because I know you desire:

And I’m here, committed with you - to change that. 

Because paradigms are shifting. 
And that’s why this knowing within you is getting louder and louder.
Far too many gifted entrepreneurs are burning out before they make the impact they were put here to make. 

And it’s asking you to trust it. It’s asking you to let IT lead the way now.

"Okay, it’s time. Let’s do this."

You can hear the heartbeat of your business like a drum telling you:

It’s time to shift and you know it. 

It’s time to expand. 

You can feel it.

But it won’t get you  


Yes, working this way got you here. 

this is your invitation to the new paradigm.

Business Energetics™ is a unique approach to business I created to help you expand your income + impact with wayyyy less effort.

You already know how to create money and success. Business Energetics™ is where we shift how you do it.

the new way to do business.

I help you figure that out.

I’ve helped hundreds of people leverage energy and vibration to create ease and overflow in their lives by dropping the force. And the hustle. And instead creating massive results, growth, and wealth by harnessing their natural magnetism and the power of Universal energy.

Enter: Business Energetics

the easiest way to grow your business in the way that is most natural to YOUr soul.



Check, check, and check?

Driven, curious, and willing to learn. You're the type of person who knows what you want and likes to go ALL in

Craving personalized support from a coach who genuinely cares about you and your business and can hold space as you step into your next level identity

Feeling confident in your business strategy and ready to expand 
by leveraging the energy of your business 

Desiring to multiply your income and wealth in a way that honors your energy and soul blueprint 

Motivated by massive impact, believe your work is powerful, and know you're meant to be serving at a greater level

An experienced online business owner who is a coach, healer, service provider, or brand

let's check in on the energy. this container is for you if you are:

the business energetics  approach.

Step 1: Discover Your Energetic Signature 

Step 2: Create Your Vibrational Strategy 

Step 3: Expand Your Income + Impact

Now it’s time to open the channel for your business energy to communicate and fuse with your energy. This is where your energetic signature is born. This is the foundation of our work together.

Define Your Energetic Signature.

Yes, you “birthed” your business, but it has its own unique energy separate from yours. The problem is that most entrepreneurs burn out trying to grow their business entirely off of their own energy. Your business wants to grow, evolve, and express itself in the physical plane. I’ll walk you through the process of “meeting” your business energy and learning how to work with it, instead of against it.

Encounter Your Business Energy.

Whether you realize it or not, energy affects every aspect of your life, business, and business results. Clients are attracted to YOU and your essence. It’s not about everything you’re DOING, it’s about who you’re BEING. I’ll help you uncover the four elements that make up your energetic essence and how to practically apply them in your business. 

clarify your energetic essence.

Step 1: Discover Your Energetic Signature.  

Your business, your rules. This is where you ditch the old, outdated business paradigms that are keeping you small, and together we’ll invent a brand new paradigm designed entirely around your energetic signature. The result: more ease, more flow, more income with less effort, less stress, less time.

Invent Your New Business Paradigm.

Your intuition is the best business coach you’ll ever have. The question is, are you using it?  Your intuition knows your full potential and is constantly guiding you to the quickest and easiest path to get there. I’ll teach you my exact process for communicating with your intuition and receiving answers to your questions. This is where the real magic happens.

Communicate with Your Intuition.

Your business is a physical representation of what’s going on in your mind. Anything you want to change on the outside begins with making changes on the inside. I will help you confront and release the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that you acquired while getting your business to this point and we will free up this energy for explosive growth.

Recalibrate Your Mindset.

Step 2: Create Your Vibrational Strategy.    

When you understand the technical and energetic mechanics of creating quantum leaps in your business, you accelerate the momentum of success. I will help you comprehend just how limitless you are and embody a new version of yourself and your business that will make you unstoppable. You will radiate success on a soul level.

Accelerate Limitless Success.

Aligned sales focus on what you give rather than on what you receive. When the energy is right, attracting soulmate clients and selling out your offers becomes inevitable and oh so easy. I will help you transform your energy so that selling goes from your least to the most favorite part of your business.

Apply the Energetics of Selling.

Energetic marketing transcends time, space, and the boundaries we create in our minds. When you master this, marketing feels fun and effortless. Together we will create an intuitive marketing plan that your mind would never have believed could be so simple.

Master the Energetics of Marketing.

Step 3: Expand Your Income + Impact.   

here’s what’s included in our 6 months together: 

($2500 value)

to rewire your belief system, instill new beliefs in the deepest part of your subconscious mind, and reset your vibrational set point which will allow you to unlock your next level identity. This is a personalized track I record for you (after our first month together) that is infused and layered with transformative binaural beats for the ultimate theta change experience. This bonus alone will create massive shifts.

Customized Hypnotic Track.   

Plus, this exclusive bonus!

housed on Trello. This is where you’ll have everything you need to keep you aligned with your inevitable expansion and growth (I’m all about making it easy for you to experience quantum jumps!) 

Personalized Client Board.   

with my personal energy healer. This powerful 5d support is the best-kept business secret behind my rapid and aligned success. Not only will you work with her monthly for energy healing and working with your energy field, but you'll also receive bi-weekly remote energetic tune-ups so that you and your business can remain energetically squeaky clean and experience major upgrades. Reserved exclusively for private clients.

monthly energy support.

(Monday - Friday) so that you have my full support in between sessions to ask questions and celebrate your limitless success (hint: when you apply these principles, there’s going to be a lot to celebrate!). My clients refer to Voxer support as their dose of alignment and velocity.

Unlimited Voxer Support.   

(2 per month) where we’ll elevate your identity, increase your capacity to receive, and allow you to emerge as the leader you’ve always desired to be so that you can finally say goodbye to burnout and hello to true freedom. (WARNING: limitations, outdated belief systems, and old paradigms will be shattered here.) 

12 x 50-minute Private Coaching Sessions.  

to kick off our container where we’ll evaluate the energetics of your entire business (and I mean EVERYTHING!) in order to catalyze the path for you to scale your income + impact this year at lightning speed.

2-hour Full Business Energy Reading. 

The most transformative element of this 6-month experience is the unparalleled energy transmission that occurs in this intimate container.

I am holding the frequency of fun, freedom, abundance, and effortless success so that you can energetically level up and experience quantum results while activated in this container. 


Setting you up for massive momentum

Crystalizing the vision for where you want to be and what’s possible

Areas where potential misalignment is present

The current energetics of your business

We will dive into:

If you’re ready to skyrocket your business (and life), then I invite you to book a complimentary 60-minute Business Energy Audit below.

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