EP 13 | Minimalism & The Energetic Benefits of Decluttering with Charlotte Kay

     Charlotte Kaye is a women’s empowerment coach and professional organizer who helps women take back control of their lives by setting boundaries and decluttering. She is also the host of the Airy Fairy Feminist podcast. In this episode, we talk about the power of decluttering, the energy of our stuff, what it means […]

meet your host,kim.

Energetics business coach + host of The Mind Your Vibe® podcast.

It wasn’t long ago, I found myself not only working a ton but also overcomplicating my business and holding myself back from growth because I didn’t want to work more. I knew something had to change if I wanted to make this business work (and I did) which is when I started listening to my own intuition and ignoring the “gurus.” 

It’s when I had my biggest breakthroughs, a $60k sales week, and catapulted my growth. I firmly believe that tapping into the power of energy and vibration is necessary to hit the next level without overworking yourself. 

Now, I help business owners like YOU master the energetics of business so you can create the income and lifestyle you desire without sacrificing your wellbeing and freedom.

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